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26 September 2011 Written by  RavenMaster



Mais um patch para a versão 8 do GSAK, contendo este as seguintes alterações:

  1. Fixed over zeolous "order by" check in GUI filters
  2. Publish logs now only downloads minimal profile information when using %count tag
  3. Fixed rounding error in api log times that are exacty 07:00:00
  4. Settings button changes for GPX load dialog
  5. Fixed custom filter date issues
  6. Field note file format now checked when fetching
  7. Cursor changed to Hourglass when running all api functionsChanges to date stamps used when field notes copied to user notes
  8. Counts are now updated after a log fetch
  9. Added new function CustomPut
  10. Proxy server password is now encrypted in the gsak.ini file


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