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26 September 2011 Written by  RavenMaster

Garmin atualiza GPSMap 62/695/696 e Forerunner 610

Numa semana em que já tinham lançado algumas novidades no 3.50 para o Montana, a Garmin não ficou por aqui e disponibilizou via Garmin WebUpdater a 2.40 para GPSMap 62sc/62stc garantindo as mesmas funcionalidades


Added support for advanced geocache logging with OpenCaching.com.


Para além disso, lançou a 4.80 para os 695/696, disponível aqui


No changes have any effect on XM subscription.


Add display setup option to Show/Hide aircraft position on maps and charts per FAA AC120-76A.


Improved TFR map display processing (696 units only).




Improved Descent to Five Hundred Feet callout event processing.



e a “major” 2.60 para o Forerunner 610 via WebUpdater


Added a heart rate recovery message that is displayed two minutes after the timer is stopped.


Added a setting to allow the removal of the clock page from the training page loop while the timer is running (see Setup->Training Pages->Clock Page).


Fixed an issue where the device could incorrectly connect to another user's HR monitor, foot pod, or bike sensor.


Made a change to prevent Training Effect from being reset to zero for two-part activities that are continued after the watch goes to power save mode or is shut down.

Fixed some instances that could cause the device to report that zero calories were burned during an activity.

Fixed an issue with the calculation of the time value displayed in the Avg. Lap data field.

Changed the calculation for the Time Behind data field on the Virtual Partner page to result in a smoother value.

Made improvements to the Virtual Partner alert to try to prevent frequent alerts when running very close to the target pace.

Fixed an issue where scaling the Virtual Racer's pace/speed was not working correctly.

Fixed a workout issue where a repeat until time/distance step at the end could cause a loss of time/distance in the saved activity.

Fixed an issue where an activity could be corrupted if the battery died in the middle of it.

Fixed some weight scale issues that could cause the body fat % reported by the scale to be incorrect.

Fixed an issue where the default locations stored on the device could be inadvertently deleted.

Added full support for the Russian language.




Fixed some translation issues.


Será que, para além das 12000 caches, a Garmin vai adicionar estas funcionalidades extra no OpenCaching.com às justificações para abandonarem os Oregon e mudarem para o “bulky” Montana?


Fonte: http://ravenmasterthoughts.blogspot.com/

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