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17 November 2011 Written by  RavenMaster


Um mega patch de correções neste, que vem dar resposta a:

1. Fixed a problem when running ozi export via a macro calling another macro
2. Fixed a publish logs problem with %log and smilies
3. Fixed macro forms enter key problem for folder and file box
4. Publish logs - fixed time zone problem for NewZealand when daylight savings is active
5. Fixed log limit problem in gpx export 
6. Backup flag now set after using api calls that update data or settings 
7. Publish logs - fixed a problem where counts (bottom right of status bar) were not being updated when finsished
8. Mapsource export - changed progress indicator to new heartbeat 
9. "File=>Backup" - Backup button is now the default button
10. Publish logs - Now shows the user name that is about to log
11. Sqlite Manger - Sql lines are no longer wrapped 
12. Waypoint=>Delete, now defaults to current cache only 
13. Update to Canada county polygon files

Relembro que, para aplicar este patch, necessitam de ter no mínimo a versão já instalada.

Fonte: http://ravenmasterthoughts.blogspot.com

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