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02 December 2011 Written by  RavenMaster

eXplorist 310 1.17

Foi hoje lançada a versão 1.17 para os eXplorist 310, tanto para PC como para MAC.
As novidades são:
  • New keyboard layout for easier text entry
  • Change auto-zoom default to OFF
  • New popup message that informing the user that a waypoint was created when the joystick was pressed/held
  • Moved NAD27 CONUS to the top of the datum list (under WGS84)
  • Waypoint/Geocache default for Favorites is set to "All"
  • Contextual menu improvement
  • Removed ability to inadvertently delete pre-loaded maps
  • Improved Area Calculation function
  • Fixed coordinate display issues
  • Renamed "Proximity Alarms" to "Alarms"
  • Provided GPX format for Active Track when device is connected to a PC
  • New Smart Arrow
  • Added "Next Waypoint" to “Data Fields”
  • Various bug fixes

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