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02 January 2012 Written by 


Cerca de três semanas após o lançamento da primeira beta 3.3.x, foi publicada a que contém as seguintes novidades:

  • Fixed zumo 5x0 and 4x0 route transfer issues. Note that this may cause route transfer issues on the zumo 660. A future firmware update on the 660 will address this issue
  • Update waypoint references to map data when recalculating routes. Advice for the first beta that said that shaping points only worked for brand new routes can now be ignored
  • Added hiding of Activity profiles
  • Added creating OpenCaches from waypoints
  • Added calculating ascent and descent for direct routes
  • Added indication of data filter visibility state on the data list
  • Change to prevent property dialogs becoming lost off screen after screen resolution changesFixed any profiles from BaseCamp 3.2 that have invalid routing preferences (ie invalid vehicle types and incorrect avoidances)
  • Fixed list in-place rename requiring pressing enter to complete the edit
  • Fixed the "Reset Headers" context menu being displayed after renaming an item
  • Fixed issue writing out altitude when exporting to the GDB file format
  • Fixed track filtering "automatic mode" for tracks with no time information


Bugs já conhecidos:


  • Doing a “Send to” from the root device folder to “My Collection” crashes. This is when selecting the entire contents of the device in the folder list, and only when selecting the root My Collection in the folder/list picker dialog.
  • Sending geocaches to some of our older devices (first generation Oregons and older) fails when there aren’t already geocaches on that device (a geocaches.gpx file).

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