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22 January 2012 Written by  RavenMaster


Mais dois patches para o GSAK, corrigindo este -> .59

1. Cache and log photos now also show the description
2. Fixed a mtag= and macro= issue
3. Fixed a custom filter problem
4. BBcode [list] now supported
5. Publish logs trackable support
6. Fixed a problem with "Gpsr=>Send" for Delorme model GPS
7. Added multi account support for api
8. Publish logs - added "Reapply templates" option
9. GetCounty() - Updated Netherlands polygons
10. MyTopo maps are now optional - default is OFF -> .60

1. Fixed a problem with Help=>About
2. Fixed a display issue when selecting a saved filter


  • Comment Link Wimm
Team 24 January 2012 WIMM Team

    e a 62 lolol

  • Comment Link Wimm
Team 23 January 2012 WIMM Team

    Ja saiu a 61 :)

  • Comment Link Paulo
Hercules 23 January 2012 paulohercules

    Desta vez o GSAK não me avisou desta versão beta nova.
    Ainda bem que li aqui o teu artigo.
    Muito obrigado pela partilha.

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