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31 January 2012 Written by  RavenMaster


Após este lançamento, tem sido uma corrida aos patches do GSAK para melhorar esta funcionalidade e facilitar a sua utilização. Com isto, desde a última notícia, já foram lançados:

1. Help=>About - fixed problem that wouldn't show this dialog.

1. Publish logs - fixed a problem with "My trackable inventory" showing wrong text in published log.

1. Fixed "Cannot open C:\....\GetExtension." error when using Grab images
2. Temporary fix for "stored Search not found. Please run the full search again." when running get caches
3. Grab image changes

1. Get Caches now reverted back to using api call GetMoreGeocaches
2. Grab image changes

1. Added temporary fix option for Get Caches problem

1. Publish logs - Tracking number no longer needed for trackables in you inventory
2. Publish logs - Enhancement to "Undo" function
3. Publish logs - Tracking number is now validated for cache inventory actions
4. Grab images - smarter calculation of file extensions

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