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05 September 2013 Written by 


Desde o último post sobre este tema, já saíram mais uns quantos patches para o GSAK.

Assim, agregando tudo o que foi corrigido desde aí até este lançado hoje:

Fixed an elevation update on GPX load issue 
Fixed a center point issue with new databases 
Restore dialog updates 
Fixed a problem with display of British os grid 
Fixed problem with restore 
Polygon filter changes 
Fixed a grid edit/filter issue 
Fixed a problem with restore 
Macro manager sync button now enabled when no records 
GetGeocaches change 
Latest translation master (Czech updates)
Fixed "exclude" problem with polygon filter 
Fixed a state abbreviation problem on gpx load 
Added RESTORE command 
Repair/defrag now removes orphaned corrected coordinates 
Fixed a problem with Google maps and IE8 
Moved Google maps search box to the left 
Added missing file to install package 
Google map changes 
Added state polygons for the country of Iceland
Publish trackables refresh button fix 
Publish trackables show png images 
Set backup flag when deleting logs 
Fixed a problem with saved settings for database properties 
Fixed a problem with macro command GcGetPq 
Fixed an api problem after using macro stop button 
Updated polygons for the USA county Virginia
GPX file name on load is populated in the custom field GpxFile 
Fixed "Trackable.gif" copy error 
GpxFile custom field update 
Latest translation master (Swedish,Italian,Dutch, French updates)

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