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21 October 2011 Written by  RavenMaster

nuvi 37xx v4.50

Foi disponibilizada via WebUpdater a versão 4.50 para os Nuvi 37xx, que corrige:

- Added the ability to import .GPX route files for use in Trip Planner.
- Improved the data transfer speed from a PC to the device SD card over a USB cable.
- Fixed a WebUpdater error that caused incomplete software updates to be reported as complete.
- Fixed an error that caused the device not to exit sleep mode properly.
- Fixed an error that affected route calculation with 2011.10 maps.
- Fixed a Trip Planner routing error.
- Fixed an error the caused the German voice to skip while giving directions.
- Fixed an error that caused the World Clock to display a future date.
- Fixed an error that caused the QWERTY keyboard to appear when the numeric keyboard should have appeared.
- Set device to switch to night mode while in tunnels.
- Brightness now changes gradually between day and night in Auto mode.

Fonte: http://ravenmasterthoughts.blogspot.com/

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