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17 November 2011 Written by  RavenMaster

Garmin Montana 3.63b

Foi hoje disponibilizada a versão beta 3.63 para os Garmin Montana, que para além de algumas novidades como:

- Added new data fields: Alarm Timer (from alarm clock page), Automotive Turn (lane assist), Avg. Lap, Compass Heading, Current Lap, Date, Elevation Above Ground, GPS Elevation, GPS Heading, Grade (must be moving), Lap Distance, Laps, Last Lap, Location of Destination, None (blank field), Stopwatch Timer, Total Lap, Track Distance (reset when current track is cleared), Vertical Dist. to Dest, Vertical Dist. to Next.
- Added data field categories. 
- Added trip computer setup for additional configurability. This includes adding multiple trip computer pages.

também corrigiram

  • Improved elevation data stored in track logs.
  • Improved serial support
  • Fixed 3D View to rotate based on compass heading.
  • Fixed issue where some auto-archived tracks would be named in English regardless of user language
  • Fixed issue with track log recording while using the stopwatch
  • Fixed issue that could cause some geocaches not to import
  • Fixed issue with entering the next stage of a geocache while the Routing Activity is set to Prompted
  • Fixed an issue that could occur while reviewing certain geocache descriptions
  • Fixed a potential hang on startup when importing large numbers of waypoints, tracks, routes, or geocaches
  • Fixed potential issue that could occur while reviewing certain photos
  • Fixed potential issue related to shortcuts and orientation change
  • Fixed potential issue related to setting custom background images
  • Fixed potential issue with entering a street number during an address search
Esta versão, por ser beta, podem (e devem) esperar encontrar mais problemas do que as versões finais, disponibilizadas via WebUpdater. Só deve ser instalada por quem não se importa de encontrar um bug ou dois (ou mais :) ).

Fonte: http://ravenmasterthoughts.blogspot.com/

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