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15 February 2012 Written by  RavenMaster

Atualizações Garmin

Para além dos Oregon, também foram lançadas as seguintes atualizações:

nuvi 35xx - v4.70

Approach G6 - v2.10

GDU 37x - v6.30
Added ability to adjust PFD pitch attitude offset, using the PFD Setup page.
Added ability to configure the initial MFD page that is displayed after powerup, using the Display Setup page.
Added ability to display synthetic vision field of view on the map.
Added configurable data fields to display current climb gradient in percent or altitude gain per nautical mile.
Added checkbox indicators to show the status of each GDU's GPS antenna in config mode.
Added ability to optionally hide manifold pressure gauge for installations using fixed-pitch propellers.
Added runway number labels to runway extension lines on map.
Added items to Map Setup page to adjust visibility of water labels, park and land cover areas, runway numbers, and runway extension lines.
Added additional items and restructured data log file format for compatibility with applications designed to read G1000 log files.
Simplified requirements for availability of autopilot VNAV mode, and reduced the need for pilot acknowledgement before VNAV mode can be activated.
Changed screenshot utility to be activated when Menu key is pressed and held.
Changed selected altitude data field on PFD to flash in conjunction with armed autopilot VNAV indicator if an altitude has not been selected prior to VNAV descent.
Changed Fuel Calculator display on Engine page to show fuel quantity and pressure gauges if space is available.
Changed demo mode to show simulated weather data when no XM antenna is connected.
Changed wind direction display on PFD to use system units settings for heading offset.
Changed display of XTK data fields to more closely resemble G1000 presentation.
Improved flight log to more closely match airframe timer, and to account for time spent with the engine running while on the ground before or after a flight.
Improved instruction text displayed while performing magnetometer calibration and heading offset procedures.
Improved fuel gauge description text displayed on Engine config page.
Improved retention of engine and airframe time when power is removed immediately after landing.
Improved visibility of runway extension lines on map.
Improved display of synthetic vision runways in areas with a high density of airports.
Improved appearance of water runways on map and synthetic vision display.
Improved MapMX data processing.
Improved gear warning alert logic.
General improvements to system operation.
Includes GSU 73 system software version 2.16.

zumo 660 - v4.50
Updated to comply with France Safety Camera decree.
Fixed an error that caused descriptions to appear incorrectly on the Coordinates review page.

zumo 665 - v2.60
Updated to comply with France Safety Camera decree.

Montana - v3.90
Fixed possible software hang with 'white screen' when powering unit off in mount.
Fixed Address/Intersection searching when set to French language.

eTrex 20/30 - v2.61beta
Improved GPS response at low speeds

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