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24 September 2013 Written by 


Desde o último post e até este, foram corrigidos/acrescentados os seguintes pontos:

Fixed a problem with api corrected coordinates
Fixed an issue with get logs and new options
GcGetLogs added support for new options
GetLogs - added note on "limitations"
Fixed problem with macro version check when GSAK can't access the Internet
Api command updates to show/hide load summary
Fixed a problem with PQ names when using highlights
Fixed a problem with macro command GcRefresh
Changes to custom field GPXfile
Publish logs - fixed a problem with log total count
State polygon files for the country of Greenland
GPXFile information message
Translation master warning now only thrown for translators
Latest translation master (German, Norwegian, Swedish, Italian and Hungarian updates)

Como sempre, recordo que estes patches devem ser instalados no mínimo sobre a versão Se já tiver uma versão posterior, 8.3.1.xx, basta instalar este, não é necessário instalar os anteriores.

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